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Leveraging a rich heritage of Mainframe and Supercomputer development, NEC’s Express5800 Server Family delivers innovative features that address today’s complex IT Infrastructure computing needs. With a track record of award winning performance and breakthrough features, the Express5800 family delivers the proven performance as well as advanced functionality such as Dynamic Partitioning and Lockstep Processing that deliver real solutions to reduce procurement and operations costs.



NEC Storage subsystems are comprehensive, standardised products that can be deployed quickly and easily. They provide incredible price/performance and modular scalability as well as maximum reliability, protecting your initial investment and helping lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). With NEC products, you can address your storage dilemma with complete peace of mind.



Серия интегрированных продуктов системы управления программным обеспечением, которая обеспечивает простое управление и поддержку управления всей ИТ-системой.


Desktop Virtualisation

Desktop virtualization provides your business with an adapted and flexible infrastructure ready to answer all current and future needs.

NEC is a precursor in software and hardware desktop virtualization. Then its complete product and solution offer is reliable and fulfill all needs.


Server Virtualisation

In order to resolve issues of increasing numbers of servers and inefficient use of resources, it is expected that virtualization will increasingly be used to consolidate servers. Due to the difference in infrastructure requirements and usability preferences, NEC predicts that virtualization software deployed by business divisions and IT administrators will naturally vary. Eventually, the virtual environments for companies will become mixed.


Business Continuity

High availability of IT systems and data is a major issue, and will be for many years to come for IT managers who are responsible for the security of data for businesses and the smooth running of applications and systems.